Part One of my research

Part two of my research for the Divines project

Modern day false idols, they all just happened to relate to capitalism….fancy that!

Detail from the Sir John Soane museum, no 13. Lincolns Inn fields. 

The first image of the small museums project. I will travel around London to the lesser known wonders then create a blog full of images and facts about each location. 

This first drawing is detail of the ‘Arab Hall’ in Leighton house, Kensington. I urger people to go and visit this relatively small but stunning Victorian purpose-built house/studio, one of a kind for it’s time and designed by Lord Leighton alongside Sir John Soane.

The building itself suffered greatly during the Blitz, bomb shells obliterating a large portion of the house. Although some effort was made to restore it in a post-war regeneration era in the 50’s, it wasn’t until much later that the house received a more loving makeover. 

£5 entry (National Trust) and £3 for students. Well worth the small change to enter!

I have a date with art school research.

I have a date with art school research.

Preliminary sketches for the How to Mandala guide…

My second research sketchbook for the DIvines/Organelles and Mandala projects :) More to come…

Research for the London Organelles project. Comparing different areas of London with unique processes to the processes of an organelle in a cell. (Work in progress).

Research book for the Mandala project, an instructional guide on how to create Mandalas. I really wanted to research sacred number as a reference for the different sections of the finished images.